Cool Links

Cool Links

I compiled a list of links for how to become a dummy,clone and other stuff. – Funo’s DummyTron (I would trust him he’s my friend !)

If you want a dummy, go to DummyTron. Fill out the survey, enter in your desired username and password, and press submit. You will get a reasponse within 1 to 4 buisness days. Sorry, if it doesn’t work, as I know it says  “The DummyTron has been experiencing some technical difficulties-Please hang on and cross your fingers” and  ”Closed for development, check back soon ” , so I suggust you check back later and be sure it works before filling the form. (Dosent work)

Warning: If you become a dummy, you can never come back to a normal poptropican, unless you press ctrl shift r – Poptropica Cloner

Avatars Made: – The poptropica help blog dinky page – Poptropica Cheats – Poptropica Name List – The Poptropica Portal (Teleporter) – Another Teleporter

As for now these are the links I found, I will add more links soon!

Credit to TR!

Now my stuff

Here are some links to some websites that i found  dont know username    dontknow username                          Most Likely a scam    Could possibly be used for the avatar glich if i knew his username

Two Free Items- Go to and type in your username and password. Then, enter the code: Coolkids11. Then, you will get the free Star Costume and Free Star Power added to your account. (credit to The Poptropica Help Blog)

Wrist Items Sneak Peek- Go to and look at the poptropican’s right wrist and what is on there. It is a watch. Maybe Poptropica will release these items soon! (credit to me)



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