Galactic Hot Dogs

It already been release long time ago but there an ad of each island and it look like this:



And you will recieve this items:






But there one difficulties which the sword is not working but costume can be customize.


Secret Stuff Page / VIP Chat

Hey guys , I’ll be making a glitch page with a password.

Email me for stuff to put on it like glitches, rare users , etc.

But don’t comment the glitches! If you comment them, they can be looked up through a search engine by Poptropica Employees and then they’ll be patched.

Glitchy Legs

When I was on Poptropica, and going through my Friends, I found some with interesting costumes in their closet.

Fruibat7777's Closet

Fruibat7777’s Closet

In this closet (^^) when I was looking at their costumes, one of the costumes has a peg-leg but it does not have the other leg.

Mashimai's Closet

Mashimai’s Closet

The red circles are showing the weird thing on the peg-leg; it’s showing feet on the peg-leg.

These are some weird leg glitches…

Nameless Grammar Edits. 

Here we go again

The Poptropolis has rise again with new effect and two new games



Which are the Skiing and Volleyball and look who had rise the games which my tribe made it



Go head to Poptropica now to finish before than anybody else and make in first finisher in  Poptropolis Finisher Map.

About I want to something all to Poptropican player finish this island first rather than other island because it might sink back.